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postheadericon Starting New Courses

New course starts

1. Intensive Fundamental Course I (JLPT N5 Part 1)
Duration: 1 month, starting from 19 November 2018 and ending at 18 December 2018
Days and Timings: Mondays to Fridays from 2:00PM to 6:00PM and Saturdays from 1:30PM to 4:30PM

2. Weekend Pre-advanced Course III (JLPT N2)
Duration: till June 2019
Days and Timings: Saturdays 9:00AM to 1:00PM

3. Weekend Basic Course II (JLPT N5 Part 2)
Duration: 13 Oct 2018 to 9 March 2019
Days and Timings: Saturdays 4:00PM to 8:00PM and 1st Sunday 9:00AM to 1:00PM

4. Weekend Intermediate Course I (JLPT N4 Part 1)
Duration: 20 Oct 2018 to 16 March 2019
Days and Timings: Saturdays 4:00PM to 8:00PM and 3rd Sundays 9:00AM to 1:00PM

postheadericon Starting New Courses N5 to N3



Weekend Basic Japanese Course starts on 16th December 2017 and also (focused on Communication) New JLPT N5, N4 & N3 Space Courses will start in January 2018.

Learn Japanese from Professional Native Japanese Teachers at NIHONGO CENTER by Nasukawa. 

NIHONGO CENTER is the only place where you can study from JLPT N5 Level to N1 Level (Beginners to Advance Levels), Special Conversation Courses for N5 Level & N4 Level and N3 Level (Business Japanese, Basic Technical Terms & How to appear company Interviews, etc).

1.New Weekend Basic N5 – I (Evening Batch)
Starting on : 16th December 2017
Timing : 4:00pm~8:00pm
Days : Saturdays (One Sunday Class in a Month)

2. New Intensive Fundamental N5 – I (Morning Batch)
Starting on : 10th January 2018
Timing : 10:00am~1:00pm
Days: Mondays ,Wednesdays & Fridays

postheadericon New Courses Start !!

We are pleased to inform you that NEW Japanese language classes are going to start from October 2017. These are aimed at N5, N2 and N1 level of JLPT respectively.

1. Intensive Fundamental Course I
Level : JLPT N5 Part I
Time : Afternoon Batch, 13:30 to 17:30 on Monday to Friday
Starting Date : 16th October 2017

2. Pre-Advanced Course
Level : JLPT N2
Time : Evening Batch, 17:00 to 20:30 on Saturday (and Sunday once a month)
Starting Date : 7th October 2017

3. Advanced Course
Level : JLPT N1
Time : Morning Batch, 9:00 to 14:00 on Saturday (and Sunday once a month)
Starting Date : 14th October 2017

postheadericon New Basic Course for Beginners Starts !!

Intensive Fundamental Course I (Morning, 10:00am-1:00pm)

Starting from 5th July to 25th September 2017 (Monday, Wednesday and Friday)

Registration Open NOW!!

postheadericon 2017 New Course Starts

INTENSIVE Fundamental Course I (M)
Morning Batch
Period : 9th Jan. 2017 ~ 13th Feb. 2017
Time : Mon. to Fri. (10.00am ~ 1.00pm)

WEEKEND Basic Course Ⅰ
Period : 28th  Jan. 2017 ~ 11th Jun. 2017
Time : Sut. (3:00pm – 5:00pm) and Sun. (10:00am – 1:00pm)

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postheadericon New Conversation Course Open

Do you know Japanese ? or Do you express yourself in Japanese ?
Native Japanese instructors facilitate your practical conversation skills and enhance your learning effects you have never experienced!

Nihongo Center launches a long-awaited CONVERSATION COURSE for those who really want to express lots of things in Japanese.
You will be surprised to know how you will learn the language quickly and improve your application skills.  Don’t miss it !

Admission Open.

Level Wise Conversation Courses;

1. N5 (Morning Batch)
Duration: 14th Dec. 2016 ~ 20th Jan. 2017 (30 Hrs. Course)
Time : 10:00am~12:00pm (Mon, Wed & Fri)

2. N4 (Morning Batch)
Duration: 13th Dec. 2016 ~ 19th Jan. 2017 (30 Hrs. Course)
Time : 10:00am~12:00pm (Tue, Thu & Sat )

3. N3 (Afternoon Batch) (Content : Business Japanese, Basic Technical Terms & How to appear company Interviews)
Duration: 14th Dec. 2016 ~ 20th Jan. 2017(30 Hrs. Course)
Time : 2:00pm~4:00pm (Mon, Wed & Fri)

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postheadericon 2016 New Courses Start !!

INTENSIVE Fundamental Course I
(JLPT N5: Part I) Morning Batch
22nd Jan. 2016 ~ 8th Apr. 2016 Mon., Wed. & Fri. (10.00am ~ 1.00pm)

INTENSIVE Fundamental Course II
(JLPT N5: Part II)
Morning Batch
6th  Jan. 2016 ~ 4th Feb. 2016 Mon. to Sat. (9:00am ~ 1.00pm)

Fundamental Course I
(JLPT N5: Part I) Evening Batch
10th Feb. ~ 29th June 2016 Wed. & Sat. (6:00pm ~8:30pm)

Intermediate Course I
(JLPT N4:Part Ⅱ) Evening Batch
5th Feb. ~ 21th June 2016  Tue. & Fri. (6:00pm ~8:30pm)

INTENSIVE Intermediate  Course I
(JLPT N4: Part I) Morning Batch
11th Feb. ~ 7th Apr. 2016  Tue.,Thu.,&Sat. (9.00am ~1.00pm)

INTENSIVE Pre Advance Course I
(JLPT N3: Part I) Afternoon Batch
15th Jan.~1st Apr. 2016  Mon.,Wed. &Fri. (2:00pm ~5:00pm)

Pre Advance Course I
(JLPT N3: Part I) Evening Batch
 28th Jan. ~ 13th June  2016  Mon.&Thu. (6:00pm ~8:30pm)

postheadericon New Courses Start !

For Beginners : Intensive Fundamental Course I : JLPT N5 Part I (Morning )
20th Nov 2015 – 30th Dec 2015 (Mon to Fri 10:00am to 1:00pm, Sat 2:30pm to 5:30pm)

For JLPT N3 holders : Pre Advance Course III : JLPT N2 (Evening)
6th Nov 2015 – 18th June 2016 ( Tue & Fri 6:00 to 8:30pm) *April, May & June; Tue, Fri & Sat 6:00pm to 8:30pm

For JLPT N2 holders : Advance Course: JLPT N1 (Morning)
10th Oct 2015 – 18th June 2016 (Only Sat 9:00am -2:00pm)

postheadericon Admission Open Now !!

Professional Japanese Courses starting from October 2015!!!
Please register yourself now. Our courses are targetting Japanese Languege Proficiency Test (JLPT), International Japanese Language Test ( Level N5, 4, 3, 2, 1)

Intensive Fundamental CourseⅠ (JLPT N5:PartⅠ)
Afternoon Batch
1st Oct. 2015 ~ 19th Dec. 2015
Day:Tue, Thu & Sat  2:00pm ~5:00pm

New Pre-Advance CourseⅠ (JLPT N2)
Evening Batch
9th  Oct. 2015 ~ 18th Jun. 2016
Day:Tue & Fri  6:00pm ~ 8:30pm

New Advance CourseⅠ (JLPT N1)
Morning Batch
10th Oct. ~ 18th Jun.2016
Day:Sat  9:00am ~ 2:00pm

For further inquiry, please contact
Ms.Neha / Ms.Nasukawa / Ms.Asha by email or call

postheadericon 5th August, Japan Study Fair in India 2015

Nihongo Center is pleased to inform you that Daigaku Shimbunsha is organizing ‘Study in Japan’, Japan Education Fair in India on 5th August 2015 (Wednesday) in Delhi (Managed by License Academy). The Japan Education Fair will be held at The Taj Mahal Hotel, (Diwan-I-Am Hall) Number One, Mansingh Road, New Delhi.

In this program you will get a chance to have face to face consultations with Japanese faculty members of the university, vocational college, and language school staff, regarding all aspects of the study, admission procedures, scholarships and life in Japan. Along with these, they are also organizing a Japanese Cultural event. It is a great opportunity for everyone to know about the Japanese culture and have an interaction with college staff member regarding various Japan study program.

You are cordially invited for the program.

Thank you very much for your kind co- operation.

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