Cultural Program

NIHONGO CENTER organises Cultural Program every month targeting people who are interested in Japan as well as NIHONGO CENTER students(free entry). NIHONGO CENTER provides opportunities to exchange ideas and thoughts among Indians and Japanese.

S.No Date Topic
1 13th Oct. 2007 “Is Japanese Script difficult??” Discover the wonderful world of Japanese Script & Communication
2 10th Nov. 2007 Enjoy ORIGAMI with Japanese Language!! Discouver the wonderful world of Japanese Culture and language
3 8th Dec. 2007 A Rare Opportunity to Learn Japanese Language through Audio/ Video
4 12th Jan. 2008 Lets learn Japanese & Enjoy New Year 2008
5 9th Feb. 2008 “The Best Way to Learning Japanese” – Enjoy learning Japanese in Hindi
6 8th March 2008 How to Deal with Japanese Business men???
7 12th April 2008 Let’s enjoy Japanese Animation and Open the Door to the Language
8 10th May 2008 Let’s Feel Japan
9 14th June 2008 Survival Japanese
10 12th July 2008 Chopsticks & Quick Japanese Learning
11 9th Aug. 2008 Use of Computer for Learning Japanese Language
12 13th sep. 2008 Japan Now! Slide Show & Discovery of Real Japan & Let’s Learn Basic Japanese
13 11th Oct. 2008 How to Prepare for JLPT?
14 8th Nov. 2008 Japanese Language & Japan Airlines
15 13th Dec. 2008 Sing Japanese Song & Learn Japanese!
16 10th Jan. 2009 How to Celebrate New Year in Japan
17 14th Feb. 2009 Learn Basic Japanese Conversation & Visit Tourist Spots in Japan
18 14th March 2009 Orientation Program: Succes Stories by Nihonog Center Students & Presentation by Grapecity – IT Company
19 11th April 2009 Learn Japanese through Theater (Video Show of KIZUNA 2009)
20 9th May 2009 Learn Japanese Gestures & Business Manners
21 13th June 2009 Going Japan for Study? & Life of Foreign Student in Japan…
22 11th July 2009 Introduction to Japanese Language
23 8th Aug. 2009 Importance of Japanese Conversation to get good Jobs & Slide show of Rare (EDO- MEIJI Period) Japanese Currency (Yen) & its History
24 12th Sep. 2009 How to Prepare for JLPT? & Strategy to Score Good Marks in JLPT
25 10th Oct. 2009 Study in Japan for Better Carrer Opportunities
26 7th Nov. 2009 Practical Conversation in Japanese & Origami – Paper Art
27 Dec. 2009 No Cultural Program due to JLPT Exam
28 9th & 16th Jan. 2010 Introduction to Japanese Language
29 13th Feb. 2010 Orientation Program: How to get Job in Japanese Companies by a Leading Japanese Placement Company
30 13th March 2010 Sing Sing Sing!!! Singing Competetion at Nihongo Center
31 10th April 2010 Video Show of KIZUNA – 2010
32 8th May 2010 “Majo No Takkyubin” (Kiki’s Delivery Service) – Japanese Animation
33 12th June 2010 “Ayatori”
34 10th July 2010 Introduction to the Basic Business Conversation in Japanese
35 7th & 14th August 2010 Special Orientation Program “Study in Japan” by Mr. Noda (KKG) & “Why Basic Conversation Course?”
36 11th Sept 2010 “How to Prepare for JLPT N5- Orientation Program”
37 13th Nov. 2010 Job Opportunities Job Opportunities with Basic Japanese Communication Skills
38 11th Dec. 2010 India – Major Tourist Destination
39 15th Jan. 2011 How to Celebrate New Year in Japan & Let’s Learn Basic Japanese Conversation
40 29th Jan. 2011 Prospects after learning Japanese Language & Introduction to the Basic Japanese Language
41 12th Feb. 2011 Let’s learn Japanese Culture, Song & Basic Japanese Language
42 12th March 2011 Japanese Food Culture & How to use chopstick?
43 9th April 2011 Enjoy ORIGAMI with Japanese Language
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